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SUMITUBE is a heat shrinkable thin wall tubing. Product groupings in this regard would be single wall Polyolefin, dual wall Polyolefin, Fluoropolymer, Elastomer and other special products.

SUMITUBE is designed to provide an excellent electrical, chemical and mechanical protection for harnessing in automotive and electrical cables in electronic industries.

SUMITUBE is available as single- and dual wall (with inner liner adhesive) version.

Special SUMITUBE can be used also for marking purposes.

IRRAX are irradiated products available as heat shrinkable tubes (Sleeves), non heat shrinkable tubes (Tubes) and Tapes:

IRRAX Sleeves are medium and thick wall heat shinkable tubes used for stress control, bus bar insulation of power cable accessories (joints and terminations) up to 36kV and mechanical protection.

IRRAX Tubes are non heat shrinkable, cross-linked tubes, which provide excellent electrical and mechanical protection for wires in particular for automotive industry.

IRRAX Tapes are flame retardant, cross-linked PVC tapes that can be used for electrical and mechanical protection of wires up to 105°C.

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SUMITUBE™ Products:

Tube nature:
Single Wall
Dual Wall (adhesive)
Shrink ratio:
(1:1) No change of inner diameter after shrinkage
(2:1) The tubing shrinks e.g. from 4.8mm to 2.4mm
(3:1) The tubing shrinks e.g. from 9.0mm to 3.0mm
(4:1) The tubing shrinks e.g. from 8.0mm to 2.0mm
Special products
Tube properties:

IRRAX™ Products:

IRRAX™ Sleeves
IRRAX™ Tubes
IRRAX™ & Adhesive Tapes

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